About Us

We are not only furniture. We are your friends.


We are the pioneer.

In the past, rubber tree was plant to provide us pure latex. After its twenty years of hard work, rubber trees would be cut down and disposed.Mr. Sui Lim Yongkiatkarn saw true value of rubberwood. It is durable, flexible and easy to be formed. He became the pioneers who developed rubberwood into "heartwarming furniture" that suitable for every home.

Mr. Sui Lim, started his life-time passion as a rubber tapper. His deep connection with rubberwood has grown into a passion. After forty years of experience in rubber farming and woodworking, Mr. Sui Lim decided to innovate his best friend into real furniture. Mr. Sui Lim established his first company ,THAI PARAWOOD Co., Ltd. The company has been producing coat hanger since 1989.

Affter his devotion and development , his product quickly became popular amoung Thai customers.So he decide to established new company , Y.K.S.MARKETING CO.,LTD to produced and distributed furniture since 2007 in the concept "simple and heartwarming furniture to every household"


Simple, useful, and heartwarming

Our product development was simple thoughtful. Company intend to decide the furniture to suit for every home that affect our determination to produce quality product that simple, useful, and heartwarming.

Today, our products are produced with high technology and processes. You can be assured by the durability and strength.


We are not only furniture. We are your friends

Each of Y.K.S. product was filled with love, the same way Mr. Sui Lim put his love and memory into rubberwood. Y.K.S. Furniture does not only serve you as a quality furniture, but also gives heartwarming feeling to your daily life.

We will care and carry you along in every moment. From a bedroom to a breakfast table. From home to an office. Because,
we are not only furniture. We are your friends.